Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beauty Favorites :: Fresh

I decided this year I needed to do an overhaul of my skincare routine. First step, get rid of the mish-mosh of products I was using - I had about two of everything and all from different brands... Second step, find a product line to stick with. I chose Fresh because I had used their Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream in the past and loved it. I mistakenly switched to another brand and wasn't happy, so it was time to go back to an old favorite. I went to my local store in Boston to meet with a consultant to make sure I got everything I needed for my skin type. I have normal to dry skin (something I just learned a few months ago after a much need facial); so although the Lotus Face Cream worked well for me, to achieve even better results I was pointed in the direction of the Soy and Black Tea products. For my nighttime routine, I now start with the Soy Face Cleanser, which I apply with my fingers and then use my new Clarisonic Mia Fit to really get a deep clean (review to come later!). The cleanser is super light with an almost gel-like texture, it forms a little bit of a lather and doesn't have much of a fragrance. It does pretty well on its own, even with eye makeup, but I noticed a huge difference when using the Clarisonic. A few times a week I will also use the Soy Face Exfoliant after cleansing, which is also pretty light and has really gentle microbeads. I find both of these products work really well and leave my skin feeling fresh but not dried out!
After washing my face, I use the Black Tea Age-Delay Cream and the Black Tea Eye Concentrate. The cream has a really thick texture but goes on smoothly and is very hydrating. I make sure to do my whole face and neck - one piece of beauty advice I had learned from an elderly coworker that went to a beauty school was to always moisturize your face and never forget your neck! She said I'd thank her once I got older :) I then apply the eye concentrate which is a thin, almost gel-like lotion and a little goes a very long way! I can definitely feel the difference these products have made when I wake up in the morning.
My morning skin routine is pretty simple, after putting in my contacts I add a layer of moisturizer before putting on my makeup. One thing the Lotus Cream lacked was SPF, so I was happy when the consultant recommended the Black Tea Age-Delay Lotion because it has SPF 20! It's a very light-weight lotion and is easy to apply. I like the pump on this bottle because it dispenses just the right amount to cover my face and neck. And after testing the SPF in the hot Florida sun this past week I can attest it does the job really well and lasts all day!
And of course, I couldn't leave the store without grabbing a new lip gloss color... as I've written about before, I'm obsessed with Fresh's lip care line! Their Lip Treatment is a must-have in my purse, but I also really love their Lip Shines. I picked up the Tulip color for this Spring/Summer, but also love their Neutral Lip Shine. The Shines are great to layer over the Treatment to help keep your lips super hydrated. Ever since I discovered these products I have yet to have any more chapped lips! 
What does your skin care routine look like? Any key products you can't live without?

Xo C

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