Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Diving In

If you think about something long enough you should just go for it right?
I read a lot of blogs. I love hearing people's stories, their fashion finds, their accomplishments and life lessons. I love seeing where people have been, what products they recommend and just what's on their mind. These bloggers have often inspired me and given me ideas and great suggestions.

I also often get asked by friends and family about travel advice - where to go, how to book, what to see. And many are often impressed by my shopping skills (I never really like paying full price for anything). So I'm often told I should start a blog to document my adventures and share my findings (or as some like to say 'words of wisdom'). 
I have always thought about starting my own blog, I tried it once (mostly because I had to for a class) and quickly forgot about it when it was no longer a "requirement." Let's face it, forced creativity doesn't always turn out great. Up until now, the "what if's" stopped me: what if I don't have the time, what if no one reads it, what if I can't think of content... Well, what if I like it!? Isn't that all that matters? I say yes. So here I am! Diving back into the world of blogging - for reals this time (and not worrying about if my teacher will like it! haha).
I plan to share my travels, love of fashion, thoughts and daydreams. And if I'm the only one who reads it, well, at least it's been fun writing it!
Xo C

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