Thursday, January 14, 2016

Investment Pieces

I always tell my husband when I buy an expensive bag that it's an 'investment piece.' So thank you for proving my point :) If you haven't seen the article yet, you can check it out here. I mean, the Birkin is the ultimate dream purse, I swoon every time I see one. I just tell myself 'maybe some day!' Hey, dream big right!?

Thankfully there are more affordable investment pieces out there that you can add to your closet. They may not make you a huge return, but at the end of the day it's really all about the cost-per-wear! I used to go out and buy a ton of inexpensive purses every season, and finally one year I decided to save the money instead and buy one nice bag, which was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Q bag (here's a newer version of it). After that I was hooked, and started putting away money every month to buy myself a Louis Vuitton. I still put away a little bit every month to save up for my next investment piece (which has expanded to more than just purses...), and taking the time to save also gives me time to think about the item rather than just making an impulse purchase!

My LV Neverfull GM with our cat, Sharkey (when he was still a kitten!). I travel a lot and this bag is my go-to carry-on! 

What is your ultimate dream bag? Any favorite 'investment pieces'?

Xo C

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